Top 5 Events of 2023

As 2023 ends, it is the perfect time to look back and remember all the fabulous and fun events at The Lakes at Litchfield. Our team always strives to push the boundaries to create unique experiences for our Members. This mentality ensures that each event is better than the last. Our dedicated Social and Wellness Directors create a detailed, packed calendar to provide our Members with too much to do! From sensational Signature Experiences to hoppin’ happy hours to exciting excursions and so much more, this year was one for the record books, making it difficult to narrow down our top events.

Get ready to count down our top five events for this year:

5. Brookgreen Gardens

At number five, we had our outing to Brookgreen Garden, which is one of the dreamiest botanical gardens in the United States! When our Members visited, they enjoyed beautiful weather and sunny skies while exploring the winding paths, floral arrangements, statues, and the Robin exhibit, which was on display at the time. It was a great trip and showed our Members all the beauty that our area has to offer.

4. Greece Signature Experience

Our Members were screaming opa throughout our whole Greece Signature Experience. The day was full of delicious Greek food, drinks, crafts, and activities. They loved learning all about Greek culture while sipping on Ouzo cocktails, making evil eye stress bead lanyards, and trying all the different types of Greek food.

3. Active Aging Week

During our Active Aging Week, our Members enjoyed doing activities like deep sea fishing, games at the grand opening of Clary Corner, a beach walk at Huntington Beach State Park, a fun kayaking trip, lots of mini golf, and tons of other wellness classes and events. To end the week, our Members did a little retail therapy in our local shops and boutiques.

2. Fall Festival

Coming in at number two is our amazing Fall Festival. This event was full of fun board and lawn games, delicious food and drinks like hot apple cider, s’mores, a BYOB (build your own bowl) chili bar, and even a hay bale couch for photos! The event left our Members feeling like fall had finally arrived. This was our best fall festival yet!

1. 1920’s Signature Experience

And finishing the list at number one is our fabulous 1920’s Signature Experience. This event was extravagant, grand, and full of intrigue. For the occasion, our Members enjoyed touring the Twelve 33 Distillery and grabbing a drink at their Speakeasy. When they returned to the community, it was time for our Murder Mystery Dinner! The dinner was a classic ‘whodunnit’ and left our Members searching the dining room for clues! After our detective Members figured out the murder, they enjoyed a scrumptious 3-course meal, which was to die for!

And just like that, this year is ending, and we are ready to start another fantastic year full of fabulous events. We can’t wait to see what this year holds and how it will surpass this year’s events!