Luxury Assisted Living in Pawleys Island, SC

The Lakes at Litchfield

When you move into assisted living at The Lakes at Litchfield, you are signing up for more than just assistance with day-to-day tasks—you are becoming a member of a community that is dedicated to maximizing your quality of life. This commitment is reflected in our high-end facilities, person-centered care and unmatched social and wellness programs. Everything we do is designed with luxury in mind, because we believe that as you age, the only thing you should worry about is enjoying time with friends and family and getting the best out of every day.

We invite you to explore our website and learn what makes The Lakes at Litchfield coastal Carolina’s premier assisted living community. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, give us a call to speak with a lifestyle advisor or schedule a tour online using the buttons below.

Assisted Living Services and Amenities

Residents of assisted living at The Lakes at Litchfield benefit from the following services and amenities:

  • Providing care in a luxury apartment home
  • Developing a curated social and dining lifestyle that encourages families to visit often
  • Offering an all-inclusive, transparent pricing model that’s easy to understand and allows our families to plan long-term
  • Housing a continuum of care services under one roof so future moves can be avoided
  • Medication management
  • Wellness classes and programs
  • Personal transportation
  • 24-hour emergency call system
  • Professional hair care salon

In short, not only do we have multiple levels of care, we have multiple levels fun. Pawleys Island, we are glad to be your choice for assisted living.

Assisted Living Floorplans

Take Advantage of Person-Centered Care

At The Lakes at Litchfield, we are committed to providing members with the time and attention they deserve. Our caregivers work with members on an individual basis to create a personalized care plan that maximizes their independence and minimizes the stresses of daily life. Some members are largely independent and only need assistance every once in a while. Others require a large degree of assistance that includes everything from dressing to eating to bathing. And there are many who are somewhere in between. No matter what a member’s needs are, our caregivers are dedicated to providing them with nurturing, person-centered care that focuses on the individual and their goals.

Members sometimes worry that moving into an assisted living community will mean a decrease in their quality of life. At The Lakes at Litchfield, it’s the exact opposite. The care that we provide alone enhances our members’ quality of life by removing the worries that come with difficult day-to-day tasks. And on top of that, there’s our luxury lifestyle, which provides countless opportunities for members to enjoy themselves in an environment built around their happiness.

Enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle

Everything we do is designed with luxury in mind, and this is displayed from the moment you enter our gates. Our beautiful, high-end facilities are designed to be elegant as well as easily maneuverable. Our assisted living apartments, which are available in a variety of floorplans, offer a private, independent space for seniors to enjoy themselves as well as host guests. Our community features a clubhouse, pub lounge, billiards room, library, computer center, spa/salon and so much more. Last but not least, our restaurant-style fine dining room is one of our members’ favorite locations, with a menu that is filled with regular items as well as daily and weekly specials.

Members of our community love the fact that there’s never a shortage of scheduled activities to participate in. Our robust social calendar includes a variety of daily events, so there’s a little something available for everything. Our social program gives members the opportunity to get to know one another, participate in their favorite activities and discover newfound interests. In addition to our vibrant social calendar, members love our award-winning wellness program. At our multi-million-dollar wellness center, members can choose from a variety of daily fitness classes or engage in an individual workout. When members join our community, they are given the opportunity to meet with our wellness director one-on-one and develop a customized wellness plan.

No hidden fees; No surprise charges.

At The Lakes at Litchfield, hassle-free pricing is our policy. Unlike other communities, we don’t charge you each time you use care, and we don’t calculate your bill based on a confusing points system. Instead, members pay a single monthly rate that includes all of their care, housing and amenities. This is just one more reason why The Lakes at Litchfield is truly a member-first organization.

At our community, you pay one rate while in assisted living.

Get Started

Are you interested in assisted living at The Lakes at Litchfield? Would you like to learn more? Give us a call at 843-235-9393 to speak with a lifestyle advisor or schedule an appointment online. We hope to hear from you soon!

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