Living the Weller Life

– March 2021 –

Watercolor Painting

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” We have continued to be impressed with the talent our Members hold. This week, Nancy Bracken came to do her watercolor painting class! The theme of the class was dogs and cats. Our Members painted their favorite animal and told me how this exercise was helping them with their dexterity and helping them focus on learning something new.

Rockin’ Happy Hour

This week we had a rockin’ Happy Hour! We invited Members to bring their talents and perform for their neighbors. We had Members tell jokes, sing, play instruments, and dance! Joy was flowing through our Bistro while we were on our feet dancing the night away!

Hobcaw Barony

Last week, Members at The Lakes at Litchfield recently visited the Hobcaw Barony. This is the home of Belle Baruch, daughter of Bernard Baruch, financier and statesman, and personal friend of US Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt. This 16,000-acre preserve is amazing and we toured only a mere fraction of it. This has become a place of education, exploration, and beauty!

St. Patrick’s Day

To continue our St. Patrick’s Day celebration, our Dining Team prepared a delicious traditional Irish Dinner! Members were excited to be able to celebrate with a family member for St. Patrick’s Day in the Charleston Dining Room. It was wonderful to see families together again! They dined on Corned Beef and Cabbage, as well as Fish & Chips for St. Pattys Day. Our attendees also enjoyed these creative and fun cocktails – the green sweet & sour and a mint chocolate chip martini.


This month our Travel Club met to explore the country of Ireland! We had tasty treats and snacks all made in Ireland including “Keogh” chips, Irish aged cheddars, and chocolates along with several Irish beers and Irish coffee. Members shared their travel stories as they have visited Ireland at points in their lives. Where do you think we are traveling to next month?!

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